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Having helped groups such as the UK Wild Boar Association/Trust (UKWBA/UKWBT) and Friends of the Boar (FotB) over the years below you will find what A Wild Life with Animals believe to be accurate information regarding this species.


All information below is based on adult "wild" wild boars. Some of these are maximum stats and not a reflection of the average size which is much smaller:


Scientific name - Sus scrofa

Collective Term: Sounder

Life Span: 10 - 15 years

Weight - Adult Female: 80 - 120kg

Weight - Adult Male: 100 - 175kg

Average Years of Fertility: 5 - 6 years

Height: up to 1.0 metre

Length: 1.8 metres

Number of Births per year: 1

Number of piglets per birth: 3 - 9

Weaning Period: 8-12 weeks, will learn to root naturally during this time


Both female and male wild boars have tusks, although they only protrude from the mouth in older animals.


Wild boar had been eradicated from the Forest of Dean up until their re-release about 10 years ago, and they are unusual in that many of them are active in the daytime (diurnal), some of the boar that I have come across also dispel the myth that all boar are scared of humans, there is an increasing number that are happy to casually trundle up to people, often in search of food.


Wild boars have a reputation for not liking and in some cases attacking and killing domestic dogs. This is true, but I challenge you to name one species of wildlife, which does like dogs. Wild boars have the ability and are more than capable of standing up to a possible threat; after all they live alongside large predators such as the lion and tiger in countries such as Africa and India. Before they were eradicated in Britain during the 13th century, they were predated by another native, yet now extinct species; the wolf! When they look at our dogs, they do not see a dog, they see a wolf and it is a deep born reaction to stand and fight as a wild boar will never outrun a pack of wolves!

Please feel free to view our wild boar datasheet by clicking images below, or download the PDF by clicking here -> wild boar datasheet

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