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Below you will find what A Wild Life with Animals believe to be accurate information regarding this species.


The UK is home to several species of deer, they are:


  • Fallow

  • Red

  • Roe

  • Muntjac


Deer antlers are among the fastest growing tissues known to man, growing as much as an inch per day during peak development in the summer:


Antler Shedding Times:


  • Fallow Deer – April to May

  • Red Deer - mid-March to April

  • Roe Deer – October to December

  • Muntjac Deer - May to June

  • Sitka Deer – End of March



With the presence of wild deer and the increasing number of cars on the road there will be collisions from time to time.


If you are unlucky enough to hit a deer whilst driving we would request you kindly register it by clicking below:

RoeDeer Deer Collisions Project